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Co-op America   

The mission of this organization is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society.


Social Investment Forum   

The Social Investment Forum site offers contacts and resources on socially responsible investing


TransFair - Fair Trade USA 

TransFair USA, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is one of nineteen members of Fairtrade Labeling Organizations International (FLO), and the only third-party certifier of Fair Trade products in the United States. We audit transactions between US companies offering Fair Trade Certified™ products and the international suppliers from whom they source, in order to guarantee that the farmers and farm workers behind Fair Trade Certified goods were paid a fair, above-market price. In addition, annual inspections conducted by FLO ensure that strict socioeconomic development criteria are being met using increased Fair Trade revenues.



DATA aims to raise awareness about, and spark response to the crises swamping Africa: unpayable Debts, uncontrolled spread of AIDS, and unfair Trade rules which keep Africans poor



American Apparel   

Sweatshop free clothing.


Fairtrade Man   

Check out the introductory video and Ben's blog entry for an idea of the Fairtrade Fortnight plan.