Innocent Civilians Targeted in Bomb Attack by the Government of Sudan:

Blind Man and Five Others Killed


On June 23 - two days before the arrival of CSI's John Eibner and Gunnar Wiebalck - bomb shrapnel flew through CSI's compound in Malwal Kon, Southern Sudan, shredding sections of its grass and timber structures.  The bombs were dropped by a Sudanese government Antonov aircraft. Among the 6 people murdered was a blind man, Kuol Panoon, who for years regularly sang songs of praise to CSI near the compound gate. He was blown to bits in a direct hit. This deceased friend of CSI leaves behind a destitute widow and a small child. In the spring of 2001, the Sudanese government dropped two bombs that landed approximately 100 yards from another CSI compound in Wunrok during a CSI visit. 


Khartoum's Promise for Peace


The bombing of innocent civilians in Malwal Kon by Gov't of Sudan forces on June 23, 2002 is further proof that the government of Sudan is lying (see photos below).  Although President al Bashir recently urged Southern Sudanese to 'Forget past mistakes committed' and to 'preserve the unity of Sudan,' government bombing of innocent civilians continues to the present.  In fact, despite a recent breakthrough in peace talks with the rebels, the Sudanese government has further intensified its efforts to clear civilians from an area around prospective oil fields...rebel forces have but the number killed at 'several thousand' (AP 8-15-2002.)  - Maria Sliwa


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Photos are courtesy of Christian Solidarity International (CSI)