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Aug 16,2002:  Photos from Sudan

Comm. Lual's statement on Rift Valley Findings

Where is Nelson Mandela? (Village Voice)

AIDS and SARS (Asia Times)

The war in Iraq sidetracked everyone from Sudan (Pravda)

Brazil vows to stamp out slave labor (Sydney Morning Herald)

Apologist used to block asylum (The Guardian)

Bosnia's sex trade shames UN (Scotsman)

Ethnic Cleansing Continues in Sudan's Oil Fields (CSI)

Ethnic cleansing resumed (CSI)

Women's rights issues causing a stir (Oxford Business Journal)

Zimbabwe (The Guardian)

Shattered Sudan (National Geographic)

Boy slave rape in Sudan (World Net Daily)

FDA clamps down on former AHA Pres. (BMJ)

Thank you Philip Berrigan (The Nation)

Amnesty appeals for Internet freedom in China

Child prostitutes offer themselves for pennies (Hispanic Vista)

Gene-engineered rice withstands drought, salt water (ABC)

U.S. and China to resume human rights dialogue

Genocide: Sudan Found Guilty! (Village Voice)

Bush Meets Former Slave (CNET)

Minority Rights International (Minority Rights)






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